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Flexible Instructional Laboratory
Southern Connecticut State University

Page/SST Planners provides an expert team of individuals to implement laboratory programming, planning, and laboratory design for research and teaching based clients in higher education, government, and industry. Our proven programming methodology typically involves several highly interactive workshop sessions structured around the specific needs of a project. We are able to conduct this critical part of the facility design process efficiently and effectively, identifying relevant issues quickly and delivering thorough documentation early in the process. We have successfully used this approach on numerous projects:

Benchmarking and Comparative Analysis

Contract Documentation

Construction Administration

Design Guidelines and Standards

Design Visualization

Equipment Planning

Facilities Assessment

Facilities Master Planning

Facilities Planning and Design

Facilities Program Verification

Facilities Programming

Feasibility Studies

Grant Proposal Preparation and Review

Laboratory and Vivarium Planning

Laboratory Design

Migration Planning

Renovation Planning

Specifications and Construction Administration

Strategic Facilities Planning

Trends Research and Tours

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