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Page/SST Planners Commits to Energy and Water Efficiency through EPA/DOE "LABS FOR THE 21st CENTURY" Program

Page/SST Planners along with other corporate, academic, and government pioneers has been leading the way to sustainable laboratory design. By becoming an early and sustaining supporter of Laboratories for the 21st Century (Labs21), our lab planning and design team actively commits to improving energy and water efficiency, encouraging the use of renewable energy sources, and promoting environmental stewardship in our nation's laboratories.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) along with other agencies encourages firms like ours to provide strong leadership in sustainable initiatives including those mandated by the US Government for federal labs. "Public support for Labs21 and the broader goal of sustainable laboratory design helps bring new vigor to our shared vision of environmental excellence."

Our firm was among the first 50 organizations to join Labs21 as a supporter in June 2004. We plan and design state-of-the-art laboratory space for research and teaching functions. Clients include private, government and academic clients with an emphasis on energy efficient design, the use of renewable resources, and the development of environmentally conscious systems design. Laboratory design strategies include:

Reducing the use of water for lab equipment cooling

Use of high performance fume hoods to minimize energy consumption

Functional zoning of floor plates to allow recirculation of air when allowable and safe

Specification of energy efficient equipment

Development --in concert with engineering team members-- of "hybrid" air distribution systems to maximize ventilation effectiveness

Because of stringent ventilation requirements and other health and safety concerns, the average laboratory uses at least five times as much energy as a typical office building. At Page/SST Planners, we believe in designing new laboratory buildings with energy efficiency in mind. We support the Labs21 program, and we're looking forward to participating with a whole network of organizations with similar environmental goals in order to achieve improved efficiency in laboratory design. To see a list of the current Labs21 Best Practice Guides (BPG) click on Labs21 Best Practice Guide Web page

NEW Best Practices Guide: Chilled Beams The Labs21 Best Practices Guides are now available on the i2sl website: "Chilled Beams in Laboratories: Key Strategies to Ensure Effective Design, Construction, and Operation." Chilled beam systems are prevalent in European commercial office buildings but have not yet been widely applied in the U.S. Such systems offer many compelling benefits, including high cooling capacities, excellent performance, and dramatic energy savings for little or no additional costs over conventional systems. The guide presents best practice strategies for designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining chilled beam systems in laboratories. Labs21 Best Practice Guides and Technical Bulletins provide information on design, construction, and operation of specific technologies that contribute to energy efficiency and sustainability in laboratories. The guides include information from actual implementation of these technologies in various laboratory facilities by highlighting quantifiable performance goals and possible methods to achieve them. Learn more about the Chilled Beams best practice guide along with others at the Labs21 Best Practice Guide Web page

Past Conference Presentation: 2005 Annual Labs21 Conference: October 18-20, 2005 Portland, Oregon: We participated in the three-day international event by presenting in the International Case Studies portion of the conference. The presentation--The Dr. Paul Janssen Research Center - "A Perfect Solution for Pharmaceutical Discovery" (Belgium)-- features a recently completed energy efficient drug discovery laboratory building in Europe.

For information about the current conference schedule please go to Labs21 and i2sl Conferences for more information about all of the programs at Labs21 and i2sl.


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