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Facilities Planning and Design
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The Planning Process

Development of a Program of Requirements

Page/SST believes that defining the problem statement is the single most important step towards designing and constructing a successful facility. We believe that a highly communicative, consensus building programming heuristic such as the process developed by William Peņa in his book, "Problem SeekingTM" is ideal. Our programming team often uses this type of programming process to engage project stakeholders in open communication to establish the goals, collect the facts, uncover the concepts, determine the needs, and ultimately to state the design objective to be accomplished.

This process builds consensus within the Team and seeks input from all of the stakeholders that will have input into a new facility. [More about Programming]

Computer Modeling:
Design Visualization

Eliminating Surprises in the Planning Process

Page/SST Planners can provide full motion video or detailed still images early in programming and throughout the design process. Items such as material and color selection, location of offices relative to labs, furniture and equipment locations can be visually displayed to enable an informed decision making process. We recently used this tool for a complex STEM building design at BRCC in Virginia to enable stakeholders to make early planning and design decisions.

The computer generated model illustrates casework, equipment, and the general organization of a corporate laboratory. [More about Visualization]

Benchmarking and Trends Research:
Promoting Innovation in Laboratory Design

Reference Standards for Design Calibration

Page/SST's large project database is a proprietary tool that augments our methodology. It has been used to help our clients quickly compare their facilities with other peer institutions. SST has been able to provide an objective, insightful perspective on many facets of existing or proposed science buildings. This tool has been used to recalibrate a proposed program, establish space standards and order of magnitude costs for proposed design concepts. It serves as a reality check well before construction begins. Page/SST has provided benchmarking services to a variety of clients such Johns Hopkins, CDC, and MIT.

Page/SST maintains a library of laboratory and vivarium "vital statistics" for use during programming workshops. [More about Benchmarking]

"I implore you, take some interest in those sacred dwellings meaningly described as laboratories." L. Pasteur 1868

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