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Benchmarking and Trends Research: Promoting Innovation in Laboratory Design

Page/SST's laboratory database is a proprietary tool that augments our methodology. It has been used to help our clients quickly compare their facilities with other peer institutions. With many "vital statistics" such as cost per sf, efficiency, area per person, lab area utilization and many more, for many completed laboratories, Page/SST has been able to provide an insightful perspective on many facets of proposed science buildings. This tool has been used in establishing space standards and order of magnitude costs for proposed buildings, and it serves as a reality check during the programming and planning process. Page/SST has provided benchmarking services to a variety of clients such as Johns Hopkins, CDC and MIT.


Page/SST maintains a library of laboratory and vivarium "vital statistics" for use during programming workshops

Trends research is an ongoing activity at Page/SST where we track successful facility planning concepts as a natural part of working with our clients. This activity comes under the general heading of lessons learned, but we actively record and exchange ideas as we serve our clients. Creating floor plate concepts that facilitate multi-disciplinary teams, establishing lab zoning concepts that realize cost and safety goals, and developing planning concepts that encourage not only social but also professional interaction, are all examples of trends that have become regularly applied in our work.


Page/SST actively contributes to the development of innovative ideas for adaptable labs. The modular planning concept illustrated above was developed as part of the first edition of the NIH Laboratory Planning Guidelines for research laboratories.

Page/SST Planners supports our clients in the development of strategies for maximizing the potential use of both existing and proposed science facilities. We specialize in wet and dry laboratories, large and small animal facilities and all necessary spaces and scientific equipment and furniture to support these facilities. Page/SST also maintains relationships with numerous national and regional chapters of relevant professional organizations including USGBC (LEED AP), AIA, PKAL, Labs21, SCUP and Tradeline.


Archive photograph of an American chemistry lab from the early twentieth century

New ideas, while grounded in the rich history of laboratory design, enable the next generation of scientists to pursue new research and teaching methodologies. For several new ideas in laboratory design that have emerged over the last ten years please visit our Concepts page.

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